Success Stories – Settlements/Verdicts

Mr. Shamy was the lead counsel for the Estate of a young man that died as a result of burns that he sustained in a workplace accident that involved dangerous chemicals. The lawsuit was filed against the employer and the chemical manufacturers (which are publicly traded multi-national companies). The defendants hired some of the largest law firms in this State and National law firms to defend the case. Mr. Shamy hired experts in the fields of Chemistry and Occupational Safety as well as physician experts in burns and conscious pain and suffering. Mr. Shamy personally examined the workplace and its safety protocols and reviewed thousands of documents regarding the dangerous chemical. The matter was successfully mediated before a retired Superior Court Judge with a multi-million dollar result which insured that the young man’s family would be well cared for.

Mr. Shamy was lead counsel for a minor child who suffered an injury while playing with a dangerous toy that was manufactured in China and imported into the U.S. for distribution with children’s clothing. The lawsuit was filed against the big box retailer as well as the local distributor and marketer of the toy. Mr. Shamy hired experts in the field of Toy Safety and Labeling as well as an Engineer to examine the product to determine the defective nature of the design and the poor manufacturing process that resulted in the toy failure which led to the injury. The matter was successfully mediated before a retired Superior Court Judge with the Defendant’s agreeing to pay over one million dollars to the plaintiff.

The Firm’s client was fired by a large company in the healthcare industry after she lodged complaints with a State entity about certain unlawful practices. The Defendant hired one of the area’s largest law firms to defend the case. The Defendant claimed that the Plaintiff was fired lawfully for poor performance and refused to offer any settlement whatsoever. The case was tried by Mr. Shamy before a Jury over a two week period in 2015 with the Defense presenting over 8 witnesses in support of their case. The Jury found in our client’s favor and awarded $500,000.00 in temporary emotional distress damages (believed to be the highest such award in County history) plus $75,000.00 for lost wages.

Mr. Shamy was lead counsel for an Ironworker who was seriously injured when steel I-Beams toppled onto his lower body. Mr. Shamy filed a lawsuit against the operator of a crane that had been moving the beams as well as the General Contractor for the construction work for failing to comply with occupational safety regulations. Mr. Shamy hired experts in the field of workplace safety, orthopedics and neurology. The settlement was obtained prior to trial.

Mr. Shamy was lead counsel for an auto mechanic who suffered a serious spinal injury while shopping at a nationwide home improvement store. Mr. Shamy’s client was injured when a box of product fell from the overhead shelving, striking his neck and head. The lawsuit was filed against the home improvement store who disputed the incident and the injury. The Defendant claimed that the plaintiff’s injury was an old injury and that he did not sustain any serious injury in the store. Mr. Shamy analyzed the previous medical records and condition of the plaintiff with the assistance of a neurosurgeon and was able to convince the defendant that the injury was caused in the store. The case settled prior to trial.

Our client was a 77 year-old gentleman who was hit by a vehicle while walking through a parking lot. He injured his head as a result of being thrown to the ground by the impact of the collision, and had no recollection of the incident. After being released from the hospital, our client underwent months of physical therapy. Extensive investigation revealed several witnesses to the incident. The witnesses' statements supported our position that the vehicle operator's carelessness led to our client's injury. A pre-trial settlement in the amount of $450,000 was reached.

Our client was a large regional warehouse facility owner/operator. The client had spent several hundred thousand dollars upgrading their fire protection/sprinkler system on a new installation expected to last 30 years or more. Within just a few years the system started to spring pinhole leaks in the pipes, causing damage to the warehouse products. Mr. Shamy conducted sight inspections, consulted with experts in metallurgy and fire protection systems and was able to prove that the system was defective in its design and installation. Suit was filed against two international public companies that manufactured the steel pipes and valves, as well as the local company that installed the system. The case was settled prior to trial for $450,000.00, a sum sufficient to replace the defective system.

Our client was a young immigrant driving a taxicab to support his family. An intersection collision caused a fracture to his hip which required surgery to repair. The defendant denied responsibility, claiming that Mr. Shamy’s client went through a red traffic light. The defendant was insured for a maximum of $300,000. After the deposition of the defendant by Mr. Shamy, the defense agreed to settle the case for $290,000.

Mr. Shamy represented a young man who was struck by a care while driving his bicycle. The impact caused him to impact the curb which led to him suffering a neck injury which required surgery. The defendant was a young college student on her way to class. She was insured for a maximum of $250,000. Mr. Shamy took the deposition of the defendant and established that she was distracted from operating her vehicle which led to the collision. The defense insurance company agreed to settle the case for the maximum amount of the policy, $250,000.